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Welcome to

Hot Rods Unlimited

Hot Rods Unlimited is a car club based in Southern Orange County, CA with  members from all over Orange County. We share a love of cars, food, and fun by going to car shows, cruises, and parades with special events that focus on the community and car culture of Southern California.

Hot Rods Unlimited meets every 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM.

Arrive an hour early to dine and visit with friends.

Meetings are currently on hold.
We've put together a few stay-in-your-car, stay-safe events like cruises, Birthday & celebration parades, and community-related events.

Updated July 13, 2020

Saturday                         Cruise to S.C. Cars & Coffee
July 18, 2020                  Mission Viejo / Las Flores
Meet @ 7:45                    Las Flores Car wash
                                         Oso & Antonio Pkwy
                                         Depart @ 8:am

Sunday                             Cruise for a 90 year-old Vet
July 19, 2020                   Mission Viejo

Past Events

July 10, 2020                  Classic Car Appreciation Day                      Pics

July 11, 2020                   Cruise to S.C. Cars & Coffee                      Pics

July 4th, 2020                  4th of July car Parade                               Video

A wonderful video of the 4th of July parade was put together by Cathy Sujishi of www.heartprintimages.com  can be viewed here               VIDEO

June 27,2020                   Cruise to Cars & Coffee                              PICS

June 20, 2020                  Cruise to Cars & Coffee                              PICS                

June 20, 2020                  New Grandbaby cruise

June 17, 2020                  Jim & Marlies Maring moving cruise          PICS

June 8, 2020                    Cordillera Elem Alum H.S. Grad Cruise      PICS

June 4, 2020                     La Vida / Atria / Grad Cruise                    PICS

May 31, 2020                    Jeanne Wright's Birthday cruise         - Video                            

May 30, 2020                    Darrell (Dad) & Tessa (grad) Cruise     - PICS 

May 28, 2020                     Nikki Daurio graduation     -                   Video 

May 23, 2020                     M.V. Memorial Day Display -                   Video

May 16, 2020                     OC Food Bank Cruise           - watch the Video

May 14, 2020                     Sean Hudson Rally               - watch the Video

May 14, 2020                     Popely Anniversary              - watch the Video

May 6, 2020                        Cruise for Howard's Birthday

April 29, 2020                    2-for-1 Birthday / welcome home parade
                                             click here to watch our PARADE VIDEO

Submit your drive-by request

Do you know someone who likes cool cars? 
Could they use a little pick-me-up? 
Well we just happen to know lots of people with some really cool cars who would love to help make an event or celebration better with a Hot Rod parade. Just submit your request and we'll make every effort to make it happen.

Birthdays * Milestones * Welcome Home * Anniversaries
Kids * Adults * local heroes

It's FREE!

We're always looking for new members just like you. Come join the fun!
      Welcome to our newest members

Thomas & Julie Miller
    Welcome to our newest members

Rod & Carol Wilbert
Welcome to our newest members

John & Sharon Deacon
    Welcome to our newest members

                    Diane Sagey
       Welcome to our newest members

Ron & Diana Galasso
Welcome to our newest members

Chuck & Ramona Gibney


Updated 06-18-2020

HRU Club Events

For more information or to RSVP, please contact the HRU Activities Committee Contact us

Sat - Aug 8th                     - Laguna Heights Marketplace                       Laguna Niguel
10:am - 3:pm                      Classic Car Show & Music festival -


Sat - Aug 29                       - Fountain Valley Car Show -                         Fountain Valley


Sun - Sept 27                    - Cruisin' Brea Classic Car Show -               Downtown Brea                                                                                  https://www.cruisinbrea.com/

Recurring Events

( On Your Own Events )

May be subject to closures, reschedules or cancellations

Saturdays (7am-9am) - Monarch Bay Cars and Coffee

Saturdays (9am-11am) - Cars & Coffee San Clemente Outlet Mall - San Clemente

Sundays (1st & Last @ Month 7am-11am) - Million Dollar Breakfast Cruise - Enderle Center

2nd Sun @ Month @ 8am - Coast Vintage Market - Saddleback College - Mission Viejo

2nd Sun @ Month 8am - Sunday Steel Cars & Coffee -  Mill Creek Dr - Laguna Hills

Last Sun @ Month (9am-12pm) - Silverado Cars & Coffee - Silverado Canyon

4th Sun @ Month (12-2pm) - Pistons & Pints Cars & Coffee - Lost Winds Brewing Co - San Clemente

1st Sun @ Month (9:30am-12pm) - Lake Forest Cars & Coffee - Irvine Subaru - Lake Forest 

"See event flyers shown in  SoCal Car Culture  below AND click on Red Letters to Open"

Sat - May 16                          - Laguna Heights Marketplace                       Laguna Niguel

                                           Classic Car Show & Music Festival -

Sat - May 16                          - Laguna Heights Marketplace                       Laguna Niguel

                                           Classic Car Show & Music Festival -

Photo Albums
Click on the Picture Below to view the 
HRU album collection.

Hot Rods Unlimited is the Original Founding Host Club of

Smile Cruisin' for a Cure Wink

This is the world’s largest one-day charity car show with approximately 3,500 vehicles on display and over 200 vendors and exhibitors.

But most important, this show raises awareness with Free Prostate Screening and Funds Donated to Prostate Cancer Research!

The 21st annual event  HAS BEEN CANCELED
at the Orange County Fair & Events Center, Costa Mesa, CA
opened to Participants at 4:30AM and to Public at 6AM to 4PM.

See CFAC Website Here >  Click

We are very sorry to report that the 2020 Cruisin' for a Cure event has been canceled this year. We look forward to working with this wonderful event in 2021.

Thank you for so many great years!

Sorry to see you go Fudds, we'll miss you!

23621 El Toro Road
Lake Forest
, CA
Here's the Map >  Click
Edit Date: 06-29-2020

We're always looking for new members just like you. Come join the fun!