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Request a Hot Rods Unlimited Drive-by Parade Today
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Do you know someone who likes cool cars? 
Could they use a little pick-me-up? 
Well we just happen to know lots of people with some really cool cars who would love to help make an event or celebration better with a Hot Rod Parade. Just submit your request and we'll make every effort to make it happen.

Birthdays * Milestones * Welcome Home * Anniversaries
Kids * Adults * local heroes
It's FREE!

Hint: We are a car club based in South Orange County California. Most of our members and affiliate club members live in South County. Most of the events we've done so far have been in or near Mission Viejo / Lake Forest / Rancho Santa Margarita and took place around 6:pm weekdays or on the weekend. We'll need a few days advanced notice so we can get the word out to as many members as possible. These all had a great turn-out with lots of amazing hot rods and classic cars. 

We want your event to be special and we will consider and respond to all submissions.

Please include: Your Name; email; phone number; date of event; time of event; address of event; VIP's name; type of event/reason for request