Some notes about events

I genuinely want you to attend as many or as few events as you’d like. If you sign up for an event and it turns out you can’t make it, it’s ok by me. I understand that things happen and I don’t take any of this personally.

Communicating of events – I send announcements about events via email as soon as I know about them. After that, I’ll send out an “attendance update” in between, followed by a “last call” the week of the event, usually on a Monday or Tuesday. This follows my schedule as webmaster. I always plan to update the website every Monday and I make sure all the latest info is always there on Friday so if you look at the website events listing for that weekend you can count on that it’s correct.

Staging - We set up a staging point usually with a 15-minute window between arrival and departure. Even when I’m early, half of those attending are already there. Once we arrive at our destination, only then may I realize that you’re not with the group so I may call or text you. I just want to make sure that you’re not out there waiting for us or you got stuck. You're always welcome to call me or text me.

Making club events special – For me, it’s working together as a club that makes events more special and contributing to the group that brings us together. An EZ-UP tent is so nice on a warm day, having snacks to share or a game to play just makes the day nicer. We all have something we can do or bring and if we work together, we show each other and everyone else that we’re a great club with great people. If you have something you can bring, let’s coordinate our efforts to make our outings even better.

Rain - I set up a trip to Enderle in January. We were to meet at Howard’s and head to Tustin. It was threatening rain in M.V. that morning and then I got a call that it was raining in Tustin. I realize that most of us do not want to drive in the rain, but this is also true of other attendees, so there will likely be only about 25% of the cars there and it will probably end early. Lesson learned. I’ll try to not plan anything if it might rain and I’ll text everyone I know is planning to go if it’s cancelled.

Help – I can’t attend every event. I you could take over coordinating one event, especially one I’m not attending, this would be a big help to me and the club. It’s pretty easy. I’ll send you an email to send out to everyone so you can keep track of who is going, then coordinate the staging and whatever else you’d like to help make the event better. Even one per year will make a big difference.

If you have any questions or any suggestions for more information about events, please let me know.

email the Events Director